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Parelio Systems represents the combination of two critical elements necessary to effectively solve the challenge of order flow automation and precise medical device tracking:

a) The latest and best web-based field inventory management technology

b) A comprehensive understanding of the intricacies and “real-world” challenges of the management of high-value medical device inventory tracking.

You have become successful in the production or distribution of  world-class medical devices.  Parelio has become successful in the management of technology, order-entry automation, precise field-inventory management and customer service within this market.

We measure so you can manage.


It is as the old saying goes: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Parelio’s goal is to eliminate unmanageability.  Providing item-level visibility and real-time tracking that automates field inventory control, Parelio allows you to oversee and measure:

  • The exact location of any piece in any kit

  • The efficiency of your sales reps

  • Accurate pricing per hospital and sales rep

  • Leading indicators on usage and reorders

  • Billing preparation for customer service


With real-time, cloud-based measurable data collected in a bird’s-eye view, C-suite effectiveness is instantly enhanced. Parelio’s unprecedented level of field inventory control and sales rep oversight, combined with proprietary consulting-integration methodology, allows you to:

  • Create and track predictive performance metrics to refine your sales forecasts

  • Leverage your knowledge of how and why inventory gets lost or misused to improve operational policy

  • Quickly identify and upgrade underperforming aspects of your supply chain

  • Hold distributors, divisions and individuals accountable to specific, measurable metrics

  • Gain automated access to to key information associated with compliance and CSR reporting

Ease Of Use

Managing your medical device field inventory and sales team can be difficult and time-consuming, with procedural inefficiencies costing you profits and customers. With cloud-based solutions customized for your business, Parelio makes it easy and intuitive to find and fix kinks in your supply chain. A user-driven feedback cycle generates frequent upgrades, leading to a uniquely flexible and user-focused design.

Total Supply Chain Visibility

Parelio gives you a bird’s-eye view of your field inventory to ensure that you always have the right number of the right product in the right place at the right time. Item-level visibility and real-time tracking help automate and optimize field inventory control. Powerful web-based software tools ensure that reps, distributors and manufacturers stay on the same page.

Part Software / Part Service

Parelio’s powerful, scalable software is a unique solution for medical device vendors, but what really sets us apart is our robust customer service. By reviewing your operations and incentive models and helping you align them for optimal performance, we ensure that you get the most out of our user-focused, deeply customizable software tools.

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