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You need solutions customized to your needs as a manufacturer or agency. You need tools that sales reps can quickly learn how to use, are intuitive and save time. You need software that will integrate with your existing software.

Parelio is web-based, industry-specific software designed by experts in the medical device field for medical device industry players.

Inventory Control System

Medical Device Tracking Obstacles

Parelio knows the medical device industry. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distribution agency, you are affected by:

  • Overstocked, understocked, and expiring inventory
  • Missing inventory
  • Busy sales reps with inadequate tools for reporting sales and reorders
  • Improper or illegible documentation
  • Missing PO numbers
  • Duplicate sales
  • Emergency overnight shipping demands
  • Recalls
  • Delayed reporting of inventory location, forcing guesswork
  • Lot number or implant tracking problems

Parelio Provides Industry-Specific Solutions

  • Inventory Demand Forecasting: Take the guesswork out of inventory levels through the use of a customizable par levels system. Automate reorders and circumvent emergency overnight orders. Avoid carrying expiring inventory.
  • Real Time Supply Chain Visibility:Track every piece in every medical kit, from creation to final destination, in real time. Enjoy comprehensive preparation for recalls or defective devices. Take advantage of instantaneous communication from manufacturer to medical practitioner and every step in between, integrated, web-based, and in real time.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Streamline and coordinate inventory management processes for a notable reduction in required human labor hours. Electronic tracking eliminates the need for hours spent tracking down documents, hunting through emails and faxes, and manually entering data into spreadsheets. Your staff will spend less time on inventory management duties and you’ll have fewer human errors, resulting in significant cost savings.

For Manufacturers

Parelio knows you can’t absorb the cost of lost or expired inventory, and you certainly can’t afford to risk tarnishing your reputation if you aren’t prepared for a recall. Streamline communication with agencies and medical professionals, protect your reputation, and curb losses with Parelio. Use past and current data to project production and sales needs for the future.

For Agencies

Designed with busy sales reps in mind, Parelio offers inventory management tools sales reps will actually use. Parelio is built to save time instead of burdening reps with clunky software or paper documentation. Facilitate real time communication between reps, inventory warehouses, manufacturers and medical professionals. Capture every sale, decrease time spent on record keeping and improve accuracy.

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