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Implementation: Parelio Gets It Right the First Time

Parelio knows the medical device inventory management software industry.

Medical Device Inventory Software Industry Challenges

  • Most medical device inventory software companies don’t know how to integrate with your existing software.
  • Many medical device companies are making do with limited software (Quickbooks, Excel sheets, and other inventory management software that is not written for the medical device industry).
  • You may have invested in software only to be disappointed by inadequate deployment process and/or functionality.
  • You may find that you still have to enter data manually because you don’t have any way to export information from one system to another.

Parelio goes the extra mile during the implementation process.

Parelio Implementation

Full Range Implementation Services

Parelio is prepared to work with you from start to finish. We know what to do if:

  • You don’t use tracking software at all yet and are starting out fresh
  • You need to integrate with limited software
  • You need to integrate with software that was custom built, in house
  • You need to integrate with an ERP or several software programs
  • You need your software to integrate with external data sources

Parelio specializes in seamless implementations that exceed expectations. Concerned about integration? Data preservation? Interruption in work process? No need to worry: Parelio anticipates and overcomes implementation obstacles so you don’t have to even think about it.

Parelio Integration

Support and Training During and After Deployment

The Parelio Implementation Team will be with you whenever you need us. We assist with:

  • Comprehensive training for power users
  • Extra training for employees who are resistant to learning new software
  • Assistance with updates and software upgrades

Parelio knows the software integration landscape, and we are prepared to navigate this tricky territory with finesse and skill. We’ll get you set up with fully integrated, fully functional inventory management software that works with, not against, your existing software.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.