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Supply chains break down because of unclear communication.  A manual, paper-centric order entry process leads to lost inventory, diminished productivity and lost profits. Parelio’s web-based automated tracking of the order entry process and all inventory movement eliminates these problems throughout the entire field-inventory supply chain.

Parelio measures all aspects of field inventory, from when it leaves your warehouse until it is implanted in a patient. This allows medical device manufacturers to better manage their businesses by making better sales forecasts and implementing policies and procedures that address the root causes of lost inventory.

Planning & Scheduling

  • Enable rep, team, agency, regional or global calendar sharing
  • Require scheduled events to generate delivered orders if desired
    • Never forget to generate a DOF for a surgery again
  • Directly connect scheduled cases to list of required items
  • Automatically send surgery confirmations to customers

Inventory Movement

  • Transfer items with checks and balances
  • Track inventory movement from rep to rep, rep to manufacturer, manufacturer to agency, etc.
  • Minimize shipping expense by automatically requesting or queuing used items for ordering

Order Management

  •  Replenishment
  •  Delivered
  •  Consigned / Direct
  •  Automated Delivery
  •  Signature Capture

Rep and Agency Performance

  • Sales to inventory utilization
  • On-time order creation
  • Past-due PO numbers
  • Expiration and lost inventory

Equipment Placement

  • Place sets and equipment at a customer location
  • Track condition and customer agreements

Secure Messaging

  • HIPAA compliant
  • No emailing of protected health information
  • Message logs


  •  Full suite of integration options

Compliance & Traceability

  • Review all special pricing
  • Instantly find any lot of any item

Customer Service Department

  •  Automated order entry
  •  Ability to research transactions / lots
  •  Locate any item quickly
  •  Create, edit and send direct orders
  •  Communicate with reps and agencies
  •  Fulfill requests for loaner sets / trays

Set and Trays

  •  Build, track and manage each tray
  •  Include photos and videos
  •  Locate trays, request returns
  •  Ship replenishment items to next location of tray
  •  Auto-replenish trays with one-click
  •  Lot number management options
    • lot pool or lot specific

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