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Managing your inventory, increasing your sales and increasing your profitability is a constant challenge.  Managing multiple manufacturers and their associated inventory and systems only adds to the complexity.  A manual, paper-centric order entry process leads to diminished productivity and profits. Parelio’s web-based automated tracking of the order entry process and all inventory movement eliminates these problems throughout your entire field-inventory supply chain.

Let Parelio become your trusted partner in tracking your valuable field inventory from the time it leaves your warehouse until it is implanted in your patient so that you can better manage your world-class medical devices agency.

Rep Management

  • Keep account data when the rep leaves
  • Assign accounts
  • System allows control of fees and custom pricing options

Ease of Use

  • Scan, enter part number or select from tray
  • Prompts user to select from actual lot numbers
  • Prices automatically matched to contract


  • Instant visibility
  • Cut down on rep inquiries

Rep and Agency Performance

  • Sales-to-Inventory utilization
  • On-Time order creation
  • Past-due PO numbers
  • Expiration and lost inventory

Equipment Placement

  • Place sets and equipment at customer location
  • Track equipment condition as well as customer agreements

Comply with Account Requirements

  • Order sent within 24 hours
  • Signature captured
  • Photo/copy of patient label
  • Delivery proof – sign transfers


  • Full suite of integration options

Compliance & Traceability

  • Review all special pricing
  • Instantly find any lot of any item

Customer Service Department

  •  Automated order entry
  •  Ability to research transactions / lots
  •  Locate any item quickly
  •  Create, edit and send direct orders
  •  Communicate with reps and agencies
  •  Fulfill requests for loaner sets / trays

Set and Trays

  •  Build, track and manage each tray
  •  Include photos and videos
  •  Locate trays, request returns
  •  Ship replenishment items to next location of tray
  •  Auto-replenish trays with one-click
  •  Lot number management options (lot pool or lot specific)

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