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Parelio: Intuitive Software That Works the Way You Think

Parelio prioritizes ease of use because we understand how much it matters. If software is not easy to learn how to use, and if it doesn’t actually save time and make the job easier, your employees won’t use it. That’s why Parelio is designed with sales reps and inventory managers in mind.


We follow a workflow first approach, meaning our software developers worked with sales reps to determine:

  • What functions sales reps need to access in what order
  • Which short cuts need to be built in to increase efficiency
  • What functions reps need to perform, in what order
  • What records reps need to keep, in what fashion

To build the Parelio system, we mimicked the natural workflow of a sales rep so that everything sales reps used to do on paper and via fax, phone or email is incorporated into the web-based tool.

We then worked with agency principals and inventory managers at manufacturing companies to find out what information they needed, both long term and immediate. We incorporated everything from broad reports to detailed tracking into easy-to-use, concise, customizable software.

Want to See Where You Are For the Month?

Want-to see where you are for the month?


Parelio: Select multiple items from a tray
Parelio is cloud-based software formatted to work on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • Mobile apps are sleek and user-friendly. Priority commands at your fingertips; shortcuts available for deeper functions.
  • Need more information? Use Parelio on your tablet for full functionality and easy.
  • Need to generate reports? Track sales or inventory levels from multiple sources? Use Parelio on your laptop or desktop.

Access everything you need quickly and easily at the level that works best for you.


Our software is responsive, meaning it gives you direct access to the information you need to perform your desired task. You won’t have to wade through pages and pages of insignificant functions to get to a sales page, schedule or inventory check.

Sleek Design

Customers are saying Parelio has the best User Interface in the medical device inventory management software market. Our elegant design puts clunky, ugly, out-of-the-box software to shame. Our inventory management tools are clear and uncluttered.

Parelio: send the order

Simple to Learn

Parelio offers comprehensive training, and users report that the software is so intuitive that it is easy to learn. Ongoing training and support translates to customer satisfaction and is also important to us.

Even employees who were resistant to trying new software report that Parelio:

  • Makes their job easier
  • Saves time
  • Increases capture of sales
  • Reduces lost inventory
  • Helps them be more accurate
  • Is a joy to use

Parelio: Simple, Intuitive, Elegant.

Parelio makes it easier to perform well in an increasingly complicated industry.

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