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Redspot by Jupiter Applications is now Parelio Systems

Parelio was founded by three seasoned entrepreneurs and our team has grown to encompass a total of 170 years of comprehensive experience in medical device distribution, software development and high-value inventory control. Originally named Jupiter Applications, Parelio quickly amassed several prominent customers and has been rapidly expanding ever since.

With a thorough understanding of the nuances medical device companies face, we continue to evolve our service and cloud-based software tools.  Parelio (formerly Redspot) is the simplest way to track and manage medical devices for the mobile sales professional. With a keen eye on customer service and satisfaction, Parelio enjoys an extremely satisfied customer base where user-groups and collaboration continue to evolve, benefiting all customers along the way.

Behind the leadership of CEO Michael Carpenter, in 2013 Jupiter Applications successfully consummated an investment and strategic management relationship with TempusDurham, a North Carolina-based firm specializing in healthcare service businesses. As a result, Jess Eberdt has joined the company as Chairman and is actively involved in assisting the company elevate to even higher goals.  To reflect this broader perspective Jupiter Applications changed its name to Parelio Systems.

Parelio hails from the Parhelic Circle, a rare optical phenomenon of a perfect white halo of light that appears in the sky as a result of an intricate series of reflections and refractions. This is emblematic of our goal to facilitate information transparency within organizations by creating numerous data touchpoints that ultimately help executives see the big picture and make more holistic and valuable decisions.

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Parelio Leadership

Parelio CEO Michael Carpenter, who has more than twenty years of experience in medical device inventory management, pioneered the development of RFID solutions for automated medical device management in hospitals. Michael also founded and ran spaceTRAX, the leading solution for hospital inventory management in specialty departments, which was acquired by Stanley Health Care.

Parelio Chairman Jess Eberdt, who has more than twenty years of experience as a medical technology entrepreneur, pioneered pharmacy automation by founding Parata Systems, the leader pharmacy automation, with clients such as CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Jess was also Executive VP of Baker Automation Prescription Systems, which was acquired by McKesson in 1998, and President of MyDailyHealth, which was acquired by ProAct Technologies in 2000.